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Independance, Missouri USA
In this retreat we will be exploring the ancient practice  of creating a “rule of life,” which is a creative, reflective process of  discerning what matters most and how to shape our everyday lives in  response to the Spirit. How can we meaningfully (and  realistically!) integrate presence to the Sacred into the reality of  lives full of work, family, and other responsibilities? How can we shape  our time and priorities for what is most life-giving and important to  us? How is the Spirit inviting us to embrace a new life rhythm that  balances action and renewal?

Recommended Preparation Resource: At Home in the World: A Rule of Life for the Rest of Us  by Margaret Guenther (This resource includes questions and prompts for  further reflection at the end of each chapter. Many of these will be  used to guide our practice and prayer at the retreat.)

“The creation of a rule of life can be a  stimulating exercise because it compels us to reflect candidly on our  stewardship of our time, energy, and our very selves. It compels us to  ask: do I take God seriously, as the foundation of all that I believe,  do, and am?” –Margaret Guenther, At Home in the World, p.33

What is a rule of life? Find out more in this practice, A Rule of Life for Families

Registration deadline: October 1, 2018

Housing is not provided for this retreat. Meals are included in the  registration fee. The opening session will begin at 7PM Friday night and  the retreat will end at noon on Sunday.
Download the PDF of the retreat flier here: lifeinthespirit-kirtlandretreat

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