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Mission Center Congregations
Historic Sites

Community of Christ's historic sites and International Headquarters are open to visitors. We encourage people to come and explore these sacred sites.
Joseph Smith
Historic Site

Learn the story of the Latter Day Saint movement in Nauvoo during the early 1840s at the Joseph Smith Historic Site. Within the Visitor Center, you can see original paintings of Nauvoo by David Hyrum Smith as well as other artifacts and information about the city and its people.


From 1831 to 1838, Kirtland, Ohio, was a bustling community and headquarters of an energetic new religious movement under the leadership of Joseph Smith, Jr. With great determination and sacrifice, Joseph Smith and his followers constructed a "House of the Lord," that would act as the center of community life for worship, education, and leadership.

Plano Stone Church

The Plano congregation was organized on April 21, 1861, and met at the home of Elder James Horton. In May 1868, church members passed a resolution to build a church. In a show of support and encouragement, townspeople contributed liberally to the endeavor, and a local merchant donated the land. Plano Stone Church was completed and dedicated in November 1868. The original pews and pulpit, made from native lumber by church members, are still in use.

Temple and Auditorium

Community of Christ invites all to visit the Temple and Auditorium which house the denomination’s International Headquarters.
In the Temple, visitors can follow the Worshiper’s Path, filled with symbolic artwork, or the 1,600-seat Temple Sanctuary, featuring a spiral ceiling rising 195 feet and the 102-rank, 5,685-pipe organ. The Temple also houses a Meditation Chapel which overlooks a garden designed by master gardeners from Japan, an award-winning stained-glass window, and a museum filled with historical artifacts. (All tours of the museum are subject to docent availability.)

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